L’Appart (Sofitel Sukhumvit hotel)

L’Appart is a unique rooftop venue located on the hotel’s 32nd floor. Here, discerning guests can relax in an intimate Parisian-style setting, savour traditional and modern French cuisine, enjoy attentive yet discreet service, and take in panoramic city views of downtown Bangkok from the open air terrace. L’Appart stands for “The Appartment”, and it’s heavy on the French Touch. The restaurant looks like a luxury Haussmann condominium in the heart of Paris: dim lights, beige walls, even frames on the walls, and a fireplace mantel. Just like a regular flat, L’Appart has several rooms to choose from, including a library room. Don’t miss their much buzzed-about dessert, simply called “Like a Lemon Tart”, and take your date to the circular terrace on the same floor, on the bar side.

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