LE FLUX ASIA media platform & PR service

‘The International Gateway to Intelligent Media Coverage in Asia’

With a wide range of services, intelligent media insight both off and online, and a broad network of powerful contacts, LE FLUX Asia provides the integral missing link between the stories and the media. Delving deeper than glory-chasing journalists, LE FLUX Asia extends a hand to the media to help bring creatively exclusive articles to the public eye, and a hand to newsworthy causes looking to reach the public domain and spread their word to the world.

With a team of forward-thinking, innovative photographers and videographers, Le Flux Asia produces dynamic visuals to accompany and complement our exceptionally shrewd insights to retain the high level of originality, integrity and inspirational depth clearly portrayed in our work. Using creative candor, uniquely intuitive methods, and sheer real world ambition, LE FLUX Asia bypasses the mediocrity often seen in the media circus today, and brings forward the real stories that the public need to know.

Le Flux Asia provides different services in Thailand and in Asia for international clients with full media production, creative events and creative consulting.

Our office is based in Bangkok, the center of South-East Asia and we have active networks in South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and Japan.

Creative Production / Creative Communications

  1. Media Consultation and Strategy Planning
    An in depth discussion of your goals and intentions in terms of media coverage, both online and offline. This will be followed with an action plan.
  2. Social Media Setup
    The creation of social media platforms to advertise and promote (Facebook AD, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, etc.
  3. Social Media Marketing Coverage
    Ongoing coverage on social media platforms, 5 days a week, 24 hours a day, tailored specifically to your target audience.
  4. Photo shoot/Video shoot
    Regular photo shoots/videos to complement the editorial pieces. Each shot or video will embody your overall ethos but through using an ingenious angle to catch viral attention.
  5. Media Relations (optional)
    Using our vast list of media connections, we will pitch the story to the press with the intention of writing individual articles for each release to ensure publish-able and originality.

Contact us for more information on how to push forward your brand and identity: lefluxbangkok@gmail.com

Vincent Sung +66(0)813 012 669

Online visual magazine: HIP BANGKOK with visual and useful information of where to go in the best neighborhoods in Bangkok.


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